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Is Sumo Deadlift Easier

Is Sumo Deadlift Easier?

Sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift are two popular variations of the deadlift exercise. Both of them are compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups. When we compare sumo deadlift with the conventional deadlift, many will say that sumo deadlift is easier. Let’s discuss more about this question ‘is sumo deadlift easier than the conventional deadlift?’.

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Are Deadlifts with Dumbbells Effective

Are Deadlifts with Dumbbells Effective?

Deadlifts are one of the most effective compound exercises. It targets several major muscle groups including the back, glutes, and legs. Traditionally, deadlifts are performed using both barbell and dumbbells. However, with the increasing popularity of home workouts, many people consider doing deadlifts with dumbbells. Because of this many people wonder ‘are deadlifts with dumbbells

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